Hello!  In our family, we spell “Love” as “F-O-O-D” – but not just any food will do.

We craft small batches of delicious preserves, Big Slice Apples, pie fillings, and gourmet dinner sauces using the best ingredients, all of which lead to the most delicious finished products.  We love our products and so do our customers.  If you haven’t tried something we’ve made yet, we encourage you to do so!

Just as important as the quality of food we produce is our dedication to our mission – we deliver products that always exceed our customers’ expectations! They say when you love what you do, you’re not working. We agree with that! Every day, we get to create unique, just plain yummy food that is good for us, too. We so appreciate our loyal customers – both new and the folks who have been with us since we started back in 1987.

As a family business, we trust and value our team, and feel so fortunate that we can all make it our mission to go beyond the food we make and give back.  A portion of the proceeds from our Big Slice Pouches support women and girls in very dark times through our Sparkle! foundation.  We also reach out to those who are hurting through missions, Bible gifting, and that little extra gift when things are very tough.  We can only do this because you believe in us, the products we make, and the service we provide.  Thank you!

Humble Beginnings.

Yes, there was a real Grandma Hoerner.  Mabel grew up on a farm in Kansas in the late 1800’s.  Her family’s farm included an apple orchard, and Mabel became known as a talented cook.  Her apple sauce, made with thick slices of fresh apples, was a frequently requested treat from family & friends.

Every autumn, she preserved the bounty of the orchard as it matured and ripened.  Grandma never used an apple that wasn’t ripe enough.  She peeled bushels of crisp apples and added cold spring water, freshly ground cinnamon, and pungent nutmeg.  As the sauce cooked slowly over a low flame, the thick slices of apples grew soft and flavorful.  The jars of apple sauce sitting in the cellar were a vivid reminder of the summer bounty even on the coldest nights of winter.

All natural.  The way Grandma used to do it.  Mabel’s apple sauce recipe was passed down to her grandson, Duane McCoy.  Recalling the wonderful flavor from his youth, Duane worked hard to replicate Grandma’s recipe, his only change the addition of natural juice concentrate to replace the refined sugar Grandma used.  With nothing like it on the market, Duane started producing and marketing Grandma’s Big Slice Apple Sauce in 1987.

As demand for Grandma’s wonderful apple sauce grew, customers also began to ask for other foods made with the same high quality, attention to detail, and all natural ingredients.  Now, from sauces, jams, and preserves, pie fillings, toppings, and relishes to premium dry mixes, gourmet coffee and candles, Grandma Hoerner’s stands for the old fashioned pure products Grandma Mabel would have made herself.




Duane McCoy President & Co Owner, recreated his grandmother’s recipe for big slices of apples in a rich background sauce after finding no other product on the market like it.


KS Manufacturing Facility Opened – Grandma Hoerner’s Foods, Inc. made the cross country trek from the California coast to the heart of the Midwest.






Regina McCoy, Vice President and co-owner envisions and creates brand new packaging and fantastic new flavors, taking Big Slice global.

Three original collections, 16 total flavors. Since then, Big Slice has reduced our offerings to our top 8 flavors, and have dialed into delivering the very best to our customers in most of major big box stores.


Regina McCoy, CEO and visionary, takes Big Slice into the Nation’s top grocery retailer with our three most beloved flavors. This time, she added an eco-friendly spoon to make it a truly on-the-go snack and revamped the eye-catching packaging.